One of the keys to Waynco’s success is our treatment of subcontractors and suppliers. We know that there are general contractors out there who burn through subcontractors, assuming that there will always be another ‘sucker’ knocking at their door when the next bid opportunity comes along. We do not operate that way. We treat our subcontractors the way we like to be treated. If you do a good job, the right way, on schedule, you deserve to get paid promptly for it, and you deserve respect.

Access Our Projects
All information and documents associated with our bidding and awarded projects are posted in our PLAN ROOM to improve the way we handle the distribution of plans, specifications, instructions, scope documents, contract documents, etc. If a ‘Job Key’ is required, please contact Dan Ryan either by email or telephone to obtain the Job Key.

Note: You must set up a free plan room account before you can access our jobs/projects.

To Our Current and Past Subcontractors and Suppliers
We appreciate your valued service and look forward to working with you on future projects. If you have not heard from us in a while, please feel free to check in with Dan Ryan to see what is going on and update your contact info if necessary. We are always looking for new leads on projects to bid, so a little networking and information sharing could be mutually beneficial.

To Potential Subcontractors and Suppliers
As our business and territory continues to expand, we continue to be on the lookout for competent new subcontractors and suppliers. If you would like to get on our bid list for future projects or would like additional info on our operation, please contact Dan Ryan by email or telephone.

Subcontractor and Supplier Documents

We strive to be fair and upfront with all of our subcontractors and suppliers. General business documents and files that are not associated with a specific project may be accessed using the links below. If a password is required, please contact Dan Ryan by email or telephone to obtain the password.

We recommend that potential sub-bidders and suppliers view these documents and files prior to (1) submitting a bid or quote to Waynco for the first time, or (2) partnering with Waynco as a subcontractor or supplier for the first time. These documents provide a general preview of the way we do business. For files associated with a specific project, please refer to the PLAN ROOM section of our site.

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